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Smiley Park CC&R's
(California HOA rules)

Smiley Park Internal Dispute Resolution Disclosure Smiley Park Enforcement Policy
(What happens if you don't work with our rules)

Smiley Park Bylaws
(Park Operations Rules)

Smiley Park Architecture Guidelines
(Rules for Building and Additions in the Park)

Smiley Park Build Applicaiton
(Form for any and all construction on property)
Smiley Park Health & Safety Yearly Inspection Form
(Property Cleaning Requirements)
Smiley Park Rules & Regulations
(Rules adopted by the BOD)

Smiley Park Survey Guidelines
(Guide for required site survey before taking possession of property)


Smiley Park Collection Policy

(Smiley Park Assessment Collection Policy & Standards for Payment Plans)


Smiley Park Insurance Disclosure Smiley Park Assessments Schedule San Bernardino Country Animal Control Ordinance
(Leash Laws and other Rules)